RuneScape – An Entertainment That Never Die After A Decade

August 29, 2018

I love music. But today, I decided to revisit an old game that entertained me a decade ago during my pre-teen days. 

I first played Runescape during my teen years. I had so much time to use playing the game. In my teen years, it’s only the game that I actually have access to considering that 10 years ago, there was no DSL connection in our home. Everything was through a dial-up connection. The thing is –  I could play the game both in school and at home.

After 10 years, I logged back in. And noticed huge changes and great additions to the game. Nonetheless, it has maintained its unique brand of full accessibility. The game is still going strong where in this era, there are new and free MMOs introduced in the market. But Runescape proved to be competitive despite it being one of the firsts in the gaming world. Plus there are tons of websites that you can actually purchase RuneScape gold. That was not the case 10 years ago.

Creating a New Account for Runie

I created a new account just to see what Runie looks like these days. I began to explore the world of Gielinor one more time. Within a decade I have been out, Runescape went from a chatroom into a fully-fledged MMO. It is filled with its own yearly event. They have included a spin-off card game as well as plenty of content material to make every 12-year-old dance with glee. If you possibly could, you need to really download the most up-to-date version of the online game.

It has managed to maintain a lot of its players even through continuous updates and unique audience discussion. Coming back right after a great deal has evolved is uncanny, simply because basically it’s just how I recalled it from a decade ago. Lumbridge remains, using its pair of Mischievous Imps even now roaming the castle lands around a sea of gamers woofing exactly the same infinite query: “Will u be my gf?” 10 years did nothing to put down this beast. Regardless of the many improvements, sliding back into the usual routine of grinding sources and going to the closest bank to trade them is smooth. It’s still very entertaining as it was years ago.

Logging back into Runescape resembles coming home to find your folks have gotten a brand new canine without bothering to tell you. And they also completely do not say what just happened to our old canine, our precious Brassica Prime. In the beginning, you may sulk and really miss the dog that was previously. The same case when I first revisited Runie, but quickly enough I begin to see that the brand new canine is beautiful when compared to its old predecessor. RuneScape remained beautiful and I have always loved playing this game as it brings back fond memories from my childhood days.

RuneScape So Awesome!