My Art Supply Toolbox Is A Converted Truck Tool Box

October 1, 2018

I received many questions on where I am keeping my art supplies and my fruit making tools. So I decided to create this post to show my art supply toolbox.

I originally put my toolbox together when I was printing the coop back in Portland. Having a toolbox is an easy way to bring all my supplies with me and at the end of the day take them all back home. So I keep the habit of keeping the most important tools I would use in that box all the time. And ever since then I just always kept them in there.

How did I come up with my toolbox now?

I originally searched online for the best tool box I can use. I checked eBay and Craigslist. I couldn’t really find something that is in good shape so I ended up purchasing the best truck tool box which is really great because it can accommodate all the supplies that I need.

What do I put inside my toolbox?

  • Printmaking inks. The box that I chose is large enough that I am able to customize the inside. I created the top space for my printmaking inks. Oh, and the box really kept all my inks together for my next printmaking job. So next time I need them, I know where to get them. It’s a great way of becoming organized.
  • Palet Knife. You will never know when you will need it. So your art toolbox will have to have one handy.
  • Used cards. I always bring old cards that I use for just about anything I find a use of it. Old cards can be an old plastic card, an old atm card, or even a calling card.
  • Nori Paste. I needed this everytime. But as an artist and a printer, you will never know when you need it next.
  • Old toothbrush. Yup. An old tooth helps clean out linoleum plates when I start working, or just to get rid of dust and other dirt out of the way when you start working.
  • And others. Small file, small ball burnisher, mezzotint rocker, steel wool.

So whatever artwork you are doing, it is really a good idea to get a toolbox for all your materials. It keeps all your stuff together. You don’t have to miss one or two of your materials if you decide to work out or if you have a project outside the house. You can check out online for great pre-loved boxes or you can just order something new just as what I did. Good luck.