Glamorizing Tobacco Imagery Posts Risks To Young Adults

December 11, 2018

Tobacco smoking is far from gone and smokers can attest that stopping the habit is a challenge compared to stopping weed smoking as Cody Frank has noted in his website.

Tobacco imagery is not gone in the entertainment industry. Even while statistics show a huge decline in national smoking rates, there are still smoking imagery flashed on screens particularly on social media and other streaming networks.

Glamorizing smoking in screens such as movies, streaming programs such as Netflix, and even social media give the wrong notion to young adults and this may also jeopardize the efforts of the government in terms of reducing tobacco consumption.

In the recent convention of Truth Initiative, professionals from various field (health, entertaintment, and the youth) came together to discuss the impact of tobacco smoking display across social channels to our culture. It is clear that smoking in pop culture and in media continues to be a major problem to this day despite banning tabacco advertisement in various channels.

A Surge of Tobacco Content on the Internet and Social Media

The media landscape today has opened more windows for younger generation to become subjected to tobacco images on public screens. For instance, tobacco usage is ubiquitous, increasing and even more notable on internet streaming programs compared to cable and broadcast programs.

This particular publicity throughout screens makes it more challenging for policymakers and researchers since the younger generation tend to be taking in growing media in more intensive means.

Tobacco Smoking in Consoles

Video games contain tobacco imagery and pictured in a positive manner. Consoles lack constant warnings so that adults can keep track of its content. Research shows that only 8% of these game consoles have warnings from the gaming industry’s self-regulatory board which rates video gaming.

Tobacco Control

The Warner Series is among the leading voices throughout tobacco management. The series respects the ongoing contributions of the group by frequently combining frontrunners throughout tobacco management, public health as well as youth support communities to interact in challenging discussions regarding approaches to improve and encourage steps in order to save lives.