Artful Centerpiece Ideas for Your Wedding

November 4, 2018

Looking for cheap, yet artful centerpiece decorations may be one of the most challenging experiences as you plan your wedding. Your budget for decorations can bloat before you even begin to think about other important wedding details like the cake or your wedding gown! Whether you’re planning a wedding on a constricted budget or you simply want to avoid splurging on decorations, consider these ideas for a simple, yet stylish table décor.

Floral centerpieces

At first thought, floral centerpieces may seem a bit pricey, but there are many ways to use flowers without spending a ton of money. Using less costly flowers that still give the room a touch of color and warmth, such as daisies, is a great choice. If you’re going for a rustic or vintage style, you can use old jars or cans from your home or supply stores to stand as containers for the floral arrangements. Make it even more stylish by using tall, stunning flowers in a tall vase surrounded by lit tea candles.

Use fun fillers

Use low or high glass vases and fill them with something rare – glass beads, pebbles, marbles or even colorful candies like M&Ms. This works well if the room or venue already has character and does not need further embellishment. Go for fillers that go with the room’s overall color and design scheme to ensure everything meshes well together.


Centerpieces that can be repurposed can save you loads of bucks even after the wedding. Embellished picture frames or small potted plants double as decorations and wedding favors.

Light it up

Lit candles can do wonders to the ambience of your reception. While candles are not ideal outdoors or weddings in daylight, candles will bring a romantic glow when lit at night receptions. Try floating tea lights in a glass bowl with water and add in a drop of ink or colored paper to make it even more charming.

Color it up

Brightly colored linens will make for a great centerpiece if you’re looking for a fun vibe in your wedding. Combine two colors or use one color as an accent. Add inexpensive accessories to give it a more detailed look. Drape ribbons across the table, or hang streamers from the ceiling. A big marbled balloon anchored to the center of the table is also a nice idea.

It’s always smart to check with your catering hall or wedding to know what they can provide for you before you purchase anything on your own. You may also contact other brides online for pre-loved centerpieces on sale.

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