Why Do People Love Watching Movies

May 15, 2018


Most of us agree pictures enable us to escape–and there is worth because–but it is more than easy escapism. Films take us to areas we have never been within the skin of individuals very different from ourselves. They provide us a window on the wider world, broadening our view and opening our eyes to new miracles.

Our Fascination

The notion brings to mind what C.S. Lewis said concerning artwork working as a “window” upon worlds hidden. We would like to see with different eyes, to imagine with other imaginations, to feel with other hearts, in addition to with our very own.

But theatre is more than only a window. Additionally, it is a magnifying glass. It focuses our attention on regular reality in a means that makes us see everyday truth for what it actually is: magnificence and fascination.

This notion–that the regular, when attentively seen and believed, can offer epiphany–finds its best ally in the cinematic form. Cinema was “objectivity in time,” introducing a reality of matters onscreen even more genuine than our experience of these in “real life”.

The Narrative

Films are different since they can catch, probe, explore the world in a way no other medium could. We believe that the feel of a silk dress in a costume play just like Bright Star. We languish in the sight of a tormented face in a film like -each wrinkle and line where the camera so painfully pops. Films are visceral. And through awards season, the movies offering the most visceral experiences are usually the very honored.

In a film, the raw materiality and physical geography where the narrative plays out like character, sets, bodies, props resonates with us as much or even more than the narrative itself.

Reconnecting Humans

This really is, at flickering light shooting out. The key use of cinema and entertainment industry was supposed to open up fact and re-focus the spectator on the everyday and mundane elements of life which are generally taken for granted. It’s through this experience with the “feel of normal life” that theatre functions to reconnect humankind with its estranged substance habitat, urging us to look closer and see that the entire world for the concrete matter it’s.

However, we’re not escaping from reality as far as we’re escaping to a much clearer, more focused comprehension of it. The films we all cherish the most aren’t those who feel that the farthest from our expertise.

To the contrary, they’re the ones who – at the darkness and bitterness of a square, box space–reanimate the mystery and wonder of this world we understand.