Get Up To The Beat With The Music of Walk Off The Earth!

May 17, 2018

A Canadian group of singers that has a million hit on YouTube because of their amazing talent and superb creativity in creating music. They are known to play a various genre of music such as Ska, alternative rock, and reggae rock. They not only do music covers but also compose their own songs which are considered as their originals. Enjoy the music of WOTE with headphones from headphonesunder100center. There is much to appreciate in their music and the way they deliver great songs of various artists.

This famous group is from Burlington, Ontario who was discovered in the year 2006. They began performing cover songs in their own version and started independently. Then by the year 2012, their live cover of the song “somebody I used to know” got a million views, 175 million to be exact which gave them a lot of positive comments or reviews not only from the viewers but also from the singer who originally performed the song.

From then on, opportunities for them keep coming. They were invited by Ellen DeGeneres to her show. They were included in the YouTube Rewind 2012. They signed a contract with Columbia records which made them appear in a TV series entitled “the listener”. By the last month of the year, they were able to release their first original single entitled “Gang of Rhythm”

In the year 2013, they continued doing various covers of songs of different singers. They as well were featured in a magazine called “rolling stone” where their unreleased album titled R.E.V.O was streamed. It was as well the start of their tour around the USA and Europe. They have a way of entertaining people live on stage and a totally different approach as you watch them deliver their songs on YouTube.

In the year 2014, one of their YouTube video was featured in the Grammy’s Award and their first original song was chosen to a theme song of a TV series. In 2015, they were featured in the soundtrack on an animated film titled “La Guerre des tuques 3D”.

Then in the year 2016, they won an award which was the Juno award for Group of the Year. Due to their mixed talents, opportunities keep coming for them which is really great for their future.