Child Trafficking and Sexual Explotation: Let’s fight it with photos!

I’m pleased to be a part of  Comics Creators for Freedom for the second year. 

It’s a fundraising campaign to help children who have been subject to human trafficking find safe places when they are set free.

Want to help?  Great!  We’ve got something for you.  Awkward Photos!

This year’s theme is to draw our character in an awkward school photo.  When you donate you’ll receive a HUGE wallpaper with amazing cartoonists drawing their characters as kids.  While not canonical, I’ve included Vox and Aura giving Clive a big hug!

Awkward school photos

Would you like to help out?  If you do, I’ll match any donation from a Voxxer.  ‘Cause you guys rock.  Thank you for helping out!

Click here to Donate!


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