Artistic Renderings of Swimming Pool Art

June 12, 2018

How many pools have you ever experienced in this summer? How about over a lifetime? The tremendous range in the framework, dimension, place, as well as the environment of the pool offers inspiration to many artists for decades. While swimming pool and basic safety is what you hear this summer, you will really get excited about artists who created art with pool themes.

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Jump into these artistic renderings of the swimming pool art

1. Relax by the “pool” in Amsterdam, however, take care not to plunge in.

image source:

This 3D street art gives the perfect illusion of depth, giving the water a super realistic appearance. Leon Keer is the person behind this street art. This changes the notion of the surroundings, creating a regular blacktop to aesthetically pop.

2. Pixel art created by Hiroshi Nagai

swimming pool by Hiroshi Nagai
image source: Pinterest
Pixel Art by Hiroshi Nagai

The art looks to the outside of the swimming pool, towards the setting of the sea and cloudless skies. Nagai produces an unlimited impact since the pool seems to reflect the vista of the very clear blue distance. The outdoor patio is a plain and simple seaside haven, recommending nothing is to bother the person inside the relaxed, open area. In general, the attractive digital image attracts the carefree experience of a trip to the pool.

3. Swimming Pool by Leandro Erlich

image source: Within Striking Distance – WordPress

This is an artwork set up that produces a swimming pool impact by filling water into 2 parallel glass panes. Heading for swimming enables an escape from the old classic connection with the law of gravity. One also can envision the disorienting result of looking up from the end of the swimming pool while breathing. Although it may not entirely be a calming display, Erlich’s artwork provides a mind-bending reflectivity on pools.

4. Portrait by David Hockney

david hockney swimming pool
image source:

The pool theme depicts privacy and nature. The swimming pool and massive green hills seem tranquil and inevitable. Swimming pools are a typical element of Hockney’s artwork, and also the conflict between 2 figures illustrates how the swimming pool gives an escape from the pressure and sequence of everyday life.