Artist Isabel Corley does her take on Michael Vox!

My daughter, Isabel, is quite the artist.  Today she tapped into a long running inside joke, that the giant lizard creature, Aeralfos,  from Legend of Zelda is actually a persistent insurance salesman trying to sign up poor Link for his services.

While he is
While he is “Aeralfos”, we prefer to call him “Fred”.

But in her drawing she put in Michael Vox (check out the hair!) talking to Fred.  What with all the monsters he faces, I think he should take Fred up on his offer!

The transcript is as follows:

Michael Vox:  “And what does your insurance cover?”

Fred:  “Oh, you know… Monsters, bosses, dragons, imps, normals stuff…”

Michael Vox: “Sign me up!”



Isn’t she talented?  If you’d like to share your child’s drawings, drop me a link in the comments!

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