Art For Custom-Made Shirts

June 6, 2018

T-shirt design is one great avenue for artists, whether graphic designers, illustrators, or cartoonists, to demonstrate their creative and artistic abilities. Not only will they be able to exhibit their talent, but they can also put their designs up for sale or create their own customize t-shirt business. This may sound like an easy process, however, it can be unnerving even if you read heat press reviews to have the best tools to do the job.

Here are some helpful tips to create the perfect art design for your custom-made shirts.

Have an art design concept. It may take a while for you to come up with a unique design but it could be easy if you have that natural love for art, so go out and look for things that will inspire you and spark your creative juices. If you are creating a design for a client, get to know in-depth what they for a design and learn to give value to it.

Know your target market. If coming up with a concept becomes challenging, it would be good to know who your target market is. How old or how young is your target audience? Will this be for males, females, or for both? Or are you designing for sports fans, music enthusiasts, or for people who love food?

Picture your concept design on a tee. At times, a design may look good on paper or on screen but may turn out to be the complete opposite when printed on the shirt. Do a trial print and take note of what needs to be fixed or adjusted. This would also mean using the right colors on the right fabric with the correct print transfer method.

Keep your design simple but with a keen attention to details. Simplicity at its best can overpower intricate designs. So keep it simple but detailed to deliver the idea portrayed in your design.

Know what works and what does not. Which print transfer method works well with white shirts, light colored shirts, and dark colored shirts? Would there be a change in color? What t-shirt fabric should be used? These are a few things to consider to have a perfect end result to your customized shirts.